Leading for Change.

As a longtime resident, business owner, and management consultant, Bill Rossello has a long history of serving Alexandria.


Bill on the Issues


Make City Hall Responsive and Transparent

Change the Culture at City Hall Back to Serving Residents


…by setting a new tone and revisiting how City Government is organized, managed and led


Drive Transparent and Forthright Citizen Engagement


…in all aspects of civic engagement and communications


Insist on Service Excellence


…so that residents feel respected, informed and well-served as the City’s primary customers


Support Our Teachers and Public Safety Personnel


…because they are already committed to quality service delivery


Reduce the Unnecessary Annual Tax & Fee Hikes at 3x the Inflation Rate


…through more vigilant and responsible stewardship of residents’ money


Promote Responsible Development

Support the Quality of Life in Our Neighborhoods


…let folks live the way they want in their own neighborhood and end one-size fits all policies


Reverse the Overdevelopment Trend in an Already Dense City


…while imagining new solutions to address housing affordability and gentrification


Invest in Needed Infrastructure, Stop the Flooding Once and For All


…making both capital and operations & maintenance investments


Accelerate Our Progress in Diversifying our Neighborhoods


…through first time home ownership


End Dangerous Neighborhood Cut-Through Traffic


…by increasing vehicle mobility and capacity on our major arteries at peak times

Address the School Capacity Challenge Without Colocation

Preserve School Property for Only Academic and Recreational Use


… and lead the fight against senseless colocation of adults on school campuses


Accelerate School Construction and Renovation Projects


… within the City’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

Support Academic Excellence for All Students as ACPS’ Top Priority


Keep Everyone Moving Safely

Achieve the Right Balance of Priorities for Road Use


… in a city where 90% of households own a car


Reverse Unneeded Road Diets


… where valuable vehicle capacity was lost, few bicyclists are using them, and the overwhelming majority of

residents oppose them


Change the Planning Process for Major Transportation Projects


… start with real citizen engagement before applying for state grants


Complete a Network of Major Bike Routes


… north/south and east/west


Maintain Alexandria as One of Safest Cities in America


… through thoughtful and pragmatic road safety improvements


Live Up to Our Eco-City Pledge

Protect and Expand Our Most Important Tree Canopies


… from overdevelopment and unneeded stream restoration projects


Preserve Our Stream Beds, Parks and Wetlands


… from unnecessary concrete and destruction of their natural environments


Promote Electric Vehicle Use as a City Priority for the First Time


… to balance the mobility needs of families and seniors with our need to address climate change


Never Again Allow Raw Sewage to Damage our River


… and never again minimize an environmental issue of that magnitude

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